Festival of Free FlightUpdate 2017  The Umpteenth Annual Festival of Free Flight has been discontinued by the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce.

    Please remember the only bail out LZ at Sugar Hill is now closed for landing and an altitude gain is necessary to reach LZ's where landings are allowed!!!

  Lakeviewhanggliding.org hopes to be a useful, and helpful, tool for pilots while they are in the area, getting updated weather, and site information to your mobile device, and surfing photos, stories, and tracklogs  on your home computer, which we hope you will submit to us.

       Lakeviewhanggliding.org is run by local pilots who live just south of the Oregon border in Northern California.  We tend to fly the sites in California more often than the Lake County sites, and  fly to Lakeview more often than we drive there. We have more flying site info for sites in NE California than in Oregon , with Sugar Hill being our most used, consistent and favorite local site.  We have been flying this area for more than two decades now and have flown all the sites mentioned (and more)  in the area.
     This site has a Site Guide with maps and updated weather information and forecast links for the most popular flying sites, and information on local recreation, camping and business.  The  Site Guide has interactive maps to show information on, and location of  Launches and Landing Zones and has weather from local weather stations updated regularly.
       We welcome submissions of stories, photos, tracklogs, of flights by all pilots. We hope to keep an updated "recent flights" page of fun flights in the area.

    Local folks who would like to know more about hang gliding and paragliding are welcome to contact us. We can let you know when we are going flying so you can come and watch and we can help the adventurous folks who would like to learn, by putting them in touch with the right flight schools.
    We hope to keep improving this site and we welcome suggestions and submissions

All Site Guide info on this site should be used as a "guide" only. Flying conditions can change very quickly from novice to advanced, at all sites, and all pilots should be confident in their skills, and use their own judgement about weather and flying conditions. A valuable skill is to know and judge whether to fly or not, and is up to every individual pilot. Safe Flying.