Sugar Hill Meeting 2002

   In 2002 local pilot James Peake was a member of the "Modoc Recreation Resource Advisory Committee"  (RAC). As a member of this committee he was able to work with the Forest Service and the local Pit River Indian tribes to have improvements made at Sugar Hill.

     James asked for a few things, A west facing launch on the westerly point, improvements to the last 2 mile stretch of road to launch and bathrooms. A meeting was set up with the Forest Service, local pilots and local tribe members on Sugar Hill to discuss the possibilities, James and I were in attendance. 

     This was a very productive and rewarding meeting and although we did not get a west facing launch we did manage to have the road improved all the way from Lassen Creek campground to the top, and have new pit bathrooms put in by the lookout tower.

     We learned about the Hewisedawi tribe who were the local inhabitants before white man came to the area in recent history and changed their lives forever.  We found out that the westerly point on Sugar Hill has been used for "Vision Quests" by the Hewisedawi tribe for generations and is considered sacred ground by them. Their request was that we not make any alterations to this area for a launch.

    Pilots may reflect on this ancient history when we are lucky enough to soar above this sacred ground, which often has abundant lift, and imagine the countless generations who have used this hill, and the amazing rock formations on it for their vision quests, while they watched the eagles soaring above as they still do today along with their free flight brethren.