Lakeview's Umpteenth Annual FESTIVAL OF FREE FLIGHT 2012 will be held July 5th 6th and 7th this year.Paragliders and Hang gliders vie for cash prizes for XC and Spot Landing The fantastic Feeley Feed will be happening this year at Hunters Hot Springs on the evening Friday July 6th.  Saturday evening July 7th Jim at Hunters is hosting a smoked brisket and  beer garden .
 The Lake County Chamber of Commerce are sponsoring the festival.

  The Umpteenth Annual FESTIVAL OF FREE FLIGHT 2012 is now history and a wealth of new stories, adventures and friendships can all be told. 
John Blacet Launches Sugar hill, 7/6/2012. , by Debbie Johnson-Jackson

  This years  Festival of Free Flight had 45 registered pilots.
    A lot of pilots had great flights and I heard of no injuries. The pilots meetings, "Feeley Feed" and award ceremonies were all held at Hunters Hot Springs Resort which owner Jim  has done wonders  improving.
A PG had a deployment at Sugar one day with the pilot landing fortunately unharmed in a tree and then having a long hot hike back up to launch.
Ken Muscio is first off at Sugar Hill Launch, 7/6/2012. , by Debbie Johnson-Jackson

   The Sugar Hill Trophy Dash was won this year by Lakeview's very own John Blacet on his ATOS who won very handily by being the only pilot to make Hunters LZ    He finished in 1hr 24min (with a Rigid wing handicap of 20% making his official time of 1hr 45min beating many other talented pilots and previous winners who could not quite get across town and had to land on the south edge of town. The day before John had flown to Hunters in 55 mins.

  The cumulative Paraglider Distance was won by Jim Baldo with 75.8 miles over 3 days
2nd was Paul Kunzi 57 miles, 3rd was Steve Messman with 31.56 miles and 4th was John Saltviet at 19 milles.
Up range from Sugar Hill, 7/6/2012. , by Roger Jackson

    The conditions on Saturday the last day were not as good. PG's and HG's that were taking off of Sugar Hill were struggling to get up and not climbing very high. Many HG's broke down on launch and headed to Hunters Hot Springs for the awards, food and music.

   The spot landing contest would have had more contestants had the wind been a little stronger on Black Cap but only a few pilots got off. The PG spot landing results were 1st  Jim Baldo (on target)  2nd Paul Kunzl  {22' )  3rd Mike McIntyre  (100')  The HG spot landing results were 1st Roger Jackson  (59' 6")  2nd Ken Hawes (59'.9")  3rd Jim Feeley  (98') 
John Blacet and Roger Jackson Hunters LZ, 7/7/2012. , by Debbie Johnson-Jackson

Spot Landing Crew Hunters LZ, 7/7/2012. , by Debbie Johnson-Jackson
Philippe Blanc won the beginner spot landing and received a beautiful sculpture while entertaining spectators with his exciting landing approach.

  A big thank you to the folks at the Lake County Chamber of Commerce ,  Jim and his hard working staff at Hunters Hot Springs  and Jim and Dianne Feeley for their fantastic "Feeley Feast".
Local expert pilot New Pine Creek, 7/6/2012. , by Debbie Johnson-Jackson