Umpteenth 2014

   The 2014 Umpteenth Annual Festival of Free Flight
Arriving at Lakeview Lakeview, 7/5/2014. , by Roger Jackson
was a great success thanks to the Lakeview Chamber, Jim and Dianne Feeley,
Lakeview from above Black Cap Lakeview, 7/5/2014. , by Roger Jackson
lots of other volunteers and the weather for being great 2 days out of 3 .
There was a lot of wind on July 4th the day slated for the Sugar Trophy Dash and only one pilot flew.  The Trophy Dash, Spot Landing and Feeley feed all converged at Hunters, for some exciting action packed landings. We had turtles, pancakes, near misses and good old plain whacks in the LZ followed by the excellent Feeley Feed where all could sit and review the stories of the Festival over the abundant food and beer,with a lively awards ceremony to top it all off.
Black Cap Black Cap, 7/5/2014. , by Roger Jackson

   The Contest Winners with Prize-Donors are as follows:


1ST--$100 by Anderson Engineering-Doug Krutzikowsky (1:28)

2ND-Beer Maker by Jimmy & Diana Feely-Bird-Ray Berger (1:33:48)

3RD--Cougar Print by Marsha Owen-Roger Jackson (1:35)

  SPOT LANDING-Hanglider

1ST-$50 by Lake Co Chamber-Doug Krutzikowsky - (34' from target)

  SPOT LANDING-Paraglider

1ST-$50 by Lake Co Chamber-John Saltveit - (4'3" from target)


1ST-$100 by Howards Drugs-Scot Huber (67 miles)

2ND-$25 Gas by Chevron-John Saltveit (5 miles)

Honorable Mention-Camp Chair by TrueValue-Jove Lachman-Curl


1ST-$100 by Howards Drugs-Benjamin Brooks

FIRST TIMER - $25 Gas by Shell Station - Adrian from Ashland, Oregon

PARTICIPANT FROM FARTHEST AWAY - Picnic Cooler by Pro Build - Benjamin Brooks from Rockville, Maryland

  Silent Auction Items:

Barbed Wire Stallion donated by Neil Castleberry of Springfield, OR - won by Gail Saltveit

Barnwood Birdhouse donated by Woodquest of Lakeview, OR - won by Vicki Krutzikowsky