Umpteenth Annual 2015

Arriving at Lakeview Lakeview, 7/5/2014.
The 2015 Umpteenth annual is now history. 36 pilots were registered this year.   The weather was really hot with some thunderstorm activity. Many pilots were there for the week before the festival and some folks bagged some long flights.

  Conditions at Sugar were not the normal, "wait for the lull cycles", but light and often cross from the west, many pilots sunk out .

  Some pilots headed to Tagues on Friday, I understand some got to fly.

   Black Cap was popular Saturday and I heard of many pilots heading north towards Abert and Paisley dodging thunderstorms. 
Over New Pine Creek looking east Over New Pine Creek, 6/30/15.


   The Sugar Dash

1st    Scott Huber           1 hr 15 mins 44 secs

2nd   Wayne Michelson   1hr  39 mins 55 secs

3rd    Gerry Pesavento     1hr 58 mins

 PG Cumalative XC 

  1st  Paul Gazis             4.2 miles

  HG Cumalative XC

 1st  Orv Haugen               22.73 miles

 2nd Dave Palmer               7.25 miles

  Streamer Drop

 1st Scott Huber                   72 ft

 PG Spot Landing

 1st Steve Harper                      11 ft 6 ins

 2nd Charity Harper                   13 ft 8 ins 

 HG Spot Landing

  1st  Eric Heinrichs                     6 ft

  2nd Ken Muscio                       97 ft

 Golden Hammer

   Jim Feeley

   The Raffle Winners    
2015 Raffle Winners Base Camp Lakeview, 7/4/15.


Neil Castleberry Wire Paraglider Sculpture -- Won by Jason Chase of Santa Monica, Calif.

Trapper Ben Sudal Arrow-heads -- Won by Scot Huber of Santa Rosa, Calif.

Guy Lyons Print of Hart Mountain -- Won by Debbie Jackson of Canby, Calif.

Tree-to-Tree Adventure Parks passes for two, plus Home Brew by John Blacet -- Won by Jove Lachman-Curl of Eugene, Oregon.

   Many pilots did not take the time to fill in their cumulative XC scores and only one pilot dropped a streamer.

  A fun year thanks to all that helped to make it fun and especially, the folks at Base Camp, Tule Chiono and the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce