Umpteenth Annual

The Umpteenth Annual Fly In has been sponsored every Independence day weekend by the Lakeview chamber of commerce since 1990. It is a fun fly in for PG's and HG's . This is a for fun gathering and is usually well attended by the free flight community. The format usually includes a PG cumulative distance competition, A trophy dash from Sugar Hill to Lakeview for HG and spot landing contests for both HG and PG's

Umpteenth 2011 Updates

  Friday July 1st:  Sugar Hill flyable today with many PG's and HG's flying .
View of the South Warners Sugar Hill, 7/2/2011. , by Roger Jackson
Quite crowded on launch due to shrunken set up area because of lingering snow drifts. Tagues Butte and Soldier Creek Rim flying sites both still snowed in. Many pilots had great flights. We observed many gliders landed from Sugar Hill to Lakeview along Hwy 395.

  Saturday July 2nd: The T Shirt was very popular at the pilots meeting. The wind was indicating Sugar Hill and a lot of pilots headed to Sugar Hill to fly. The PG's launched first and showed HG's where the lift was and where it was not.
Still Crowded Sugar Launch, 7/2/2011. , by Roger Jackson
My flying buddies and I had to wrestle our gliders around all the other gliders that had set up behind us to get to launch. The sky in front of Sugar quickly got crowded but I and many others managed to get away and head towards Lakeview. I only made around 10 miles but as we drove the rest of the way to Lakeview to pick up more of our group we saw gliders landed in various places all the way to Lakeview.

  Sunday July 3rd:  The conditions on launch for the trophy dash were light and the PG's taking off early were not helping the enthusiasm of the HG contestants while watching quite a few of the PG's sinking to the bail out LZ after some quite valiant efforts. Finally around one of the more tenacious PG's climbed out and headed over Fandango Pass, and a flurry of HG's started suiting up and jostling toward the launch line.

  With the trophy dash launch window closing at 2.30 pm  I was lucky to be 6th in line and managed to get in the air before the launch jam was held up by a pilot who was lollygagging on launch. All pilots launching after 2.30 had their launch time set at 2.30.

   Only 2 pilots actually made it to Hunters LZ one of them was regular trophy dash winner Ray Berger in his Stratos rigid wing and the other was Ken Dawe in his Litesport. Ken was the only flex wing at goal,he outflew many great pilots who landed at various spots between Sugar Hill and Lakeview, with quite a few pilots visting the bail out field.

   After the trophy dash pilots made their way to the  "Feeley Feed"  which was sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and involved a lot of hard work by the entire Feeley family to pull off a fantastic food and fun experience for the young and older kids alike and  bringing all the pilots together to tell all the stories, lies and rumors that always abound when pilots gather.

  Monday July 4th:  We flew Sugar Hill again on the 4th and we were surprised to be the only 3 gliders
setting up at launch. By the time we got up and headed out 2 more gliders had arrived. We had hoped to fly to Hunters for the spot landing  but ended up about 8 miles short and had to travel the rest of the way by road.

   The spot landing at Hunters only attracted only a handful of HG's and a Handful of PG's . Some PG's could not make it to Hunters but the entertainment value of watching pilots attempting spot landings is always high. Eric Heinrichs
Eric Heinrich hits the mark Hunters LZ, 7/4/2011. , by Roger Jackson
  showed how it should be done on a HG and won it for the HG's. Rob Stephens  dropped his PG on the spot like a Pro winning for the PG's

     A big thanks to the Lake County Chamber for sponsoring this event and to the Feeleys for the amazing fun feed and all the other behind the scenes folks who helped to make this a fun event