Sugar Hill

THE SUGAR HILL BAILOUT LZ IS CLOSED  The new landowner has requested no landings on his property. If you feel conditions will not get you up and over the back DO NOT LAUNCH  Please honor this request by the landowner as it could also help in any possible future negotiations.
Sugar is one of the most famous and most used sites in the area. Launches face SW and in summer conditions can get very strong on launch after midday.

A lot of XC flights are made from Sugar. Flights to the NE and E can take you over very remote country with few roads and services (Gas, Food, Water) It is a good idea for both pilots and drivers to plan well and to stock up on supplies, and have a contingency plan in the event of unplanned circumstances. The N XC route does provide slightly better roads but good planning is still a good idea.
Sugar Launch, 2004. , by Debbie Johnson-Jackson

Sugar can be quite rowdy midday and strong winds can sometimes take thermals faster over the back than they climb. On windy days it is a good idea to make sure that if you leave a thermal behind the peak with the intention of making it back in front of Sugar that you have the penetration, glide and altitude to make it.

The Road to launch is a good 2WD dirt road. The last stretch of road to the lookout and the bathrooms were improved in 2002. The main launch is directly to the left of the road as you clear the trees. It is a cleared dirt ramp and is suitable for both PG and HG.

The Bail Out LZ can be seen from launch and is the ONLY field at the base of the mountain to be used as an LZ


Cold Springs WX station  The closest to Sugar and a good reflection of Launch conditions

Current Conditions

Lakeview, Lake County Airport - Weather Station
4734'  Lake County Airport