Soldier Creek Rim

 Soldier Creek Rim has East and NE launches. It is just above Lake City and has fantastic views of Surprise Valley

     Locals usually get to fly this and other East facing sites in the fall but there are a few times mid summer when east winds and great soaring conditions abound.

    Launches are on loose sharp rock, unimproved but quite adequate. My PG friends who have launched here took a tarp with them to protect there wing from the terrain during launch.

   XC flights have been made to the North and South from here and flying the East side of the Warners provides spectacular views. Surprise Valley has several small towns but Cedarville is the only town with any services. It is very friendly town and has some unique, for the area, businesses.

    Please be friendly to ALL landowners in SV as some incidents a decade or so ago left a bad taste on some locals, but that trend seems to be slowly reversing.

  Retrievals can be difficult here. The dirt road running from forest road 30 down to Lake City is a rough steep road and usually acquires new challenges every winter, that are not always taken care of to quickly. For pilots in the bail out or headed south XC, back down to Hwy 395 and then across Cedar Pass on Hwy299 is the best route. For pilots headed North drivers can take forest road 30 North along the ridge and down past Lassen Creek CG to Four Corners and go right to Buck Creek Ranger Station and right again on to Fandango Pass road.

Current Conditions

CEDARVILLE - Weather Station
Station In Surprise Valley 4600' North of Cedarville airport