Sweet and Low

  THE SUGAR HILL BAILOUT LZ IS CLOSED  The new landowner has requested no landings on his property. If you feel conditions will not get you up and over the back DO NOT LAUNCH    Please honor this request by the landowner as it could also help in any possible future negotiations.
This is the "lower Sugar" launch. This launch has been mainly used for evening "Glass Off" flights in recent history.  

      Our experience of trying to fly Sweet and Low midday because Sugar was blown out have not been good, It is usually as windy and you have to stay tight to the ridge and avoid a venturi at first to get up. The main problem we have found with midday flying is the LZ. 
View from launch Sweet and Low, 200?. , by Ralph Hyde

The field immediately below the launch is OFF LIMITS . The landowner becomes quite irate if he finds anybody in his field and he lives right across from it.  To make the regular Bail Out LZ  (if not climbing) from this launch midday is a crap shoot at best.

       We have a lot of experience flying Sweet and Low in evening conditions and we have made the regular Bail Out LZ on intermediate gliders leaving just below S&L launch a few times.  Many of our evening flights end in Lakeview at sunset.


Cold Springs WX station  The closest to Sugar and a good reflection of Launch conditions


Current Conditions

COLD SPRINGS - Weather Station
6313'  This station is approx 2 miles SSE of Sugar Hill Launch